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The revolutionary AI customer support platform that resolves tickets with human reasoning and empathy tailored specifically for the online gaming market.

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✨ Automation that works without causing frustration.
✨ Reduces the reliance on CX teams with cost effective autonomous ticket resolutions.
✨ Resolves 80% of player inquiries automatically while maintaining human understanding and quality.

Resolves ticket with empathy and efficiency

✨ Handles interactions with patience and empathy delighting players.
✨ Resolves complex tickets by Identifying and taking action with human like reasoning.
✨ Delivers unparalleled support experience to players.

Scale with localized support and compliance

✨ Advanced responsible gambling AI guidance capabilities.
✨ AI localization policies to stay compliant with regulations.
✨ Scales without language constraints.  Communicates effectively cross borders.

CX automation shouldn't result in players shouting:
Agent! Agent! Agent!

Say goodbye to stale chatbots and frustrated players, and hello to Chatforms HART (Humanized Automated Resolution Technology), the revolutionary empathetic AI CX platform tailored specifically for the online gaming market.

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