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The Ultimate Guide to Online Form Creation

Carlie Keebler
May 1, 2023
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The Ultimate Guide to Online Form Creation

The Ultimate Guide to Online Form Creation

Online forms have become increasingly important in recent years as more businesses move their operations and transactions online. From surveys to registration forms and lead generation, online forms provide a convenient and efficient way to collect necessary data from clients and customers. However, creating online forms can be a daunting task for beginners, particularly if one lacks coding skills.

This article will provide a comprehensive guide on online form creation, including the tools, steps, and processes for creating forms and collecting data. Additionally, the article will give insights into popular online form creator tools and how they vary in features, functions, and pricing.

What is Online Form Creator?

An online form creator is a tool that allows users to build custom online forms with ready-to-use templates and drag-and-drop interfaces. Online form builders provide an efficient way to collect data that enares creators to select some options which they consider that could facilitate the way to understand the client's demands. The forms also help in reducing paperwork and the amount of manual data entry since all collected data is digital and can be sent to a database or integrated with other tools, such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software.

How to Create an Online Form?

Creating an online form is a simple and straightforward process that requires no coding. Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Select an Online Form Creator

The first step is to choose an online form creator. Many platforms offer advanced form-building capabilities, such as Wufoo, Typeform, JotForm, Google Forms, and more. For users that need chat support in addition to regular forms, ChatForm by is recommended. ChatForm is an innovative tool that converts forms into chat, making the experience more dynamic.

Step 2: Choose a Template and Customize it

Form creators usually provide a variety of templates that one can start from, depending on the purpose of the form. These can include survey forms, registration forms, feedback forms, application forms, and many others.

Once you choose a template, you can further customize it with editable fields such as text boxes, drop-down menus, file uploads, and more. Some form creators also allow you to change color schemes, typography, and other design elements.

Step 3: Configure Form Settings

Here is an option under chatforms, where you can select the information the user should provide before the chat, configure answers to be predetermined and many others.

During this step, you can select under ChatForm whether you want all answers to be mandatory or optional or choose predesigned answers. You also insert any payment plugins that you use.

Step 4: Publish and Share the Form

When you finish creating the form, you can publish it, which generates a unique URL link that you can share with others through social media, email, or embed it on your website. While sharing the form, consider the following tips:

  • Choose where the form should be displayed on your website
  • Test the form to ensure it works correctly
  • Include a clear call-to-action (CTA) that encourages visitors to fill out the form

Benefits of Asking Form Questions on Chat

ChatForm is an online form creator that turns regular forms into chats. Using this tool has various benefits, including:

Higher Engagement

The interactive nature of a chat format generates higher customer engagement and a conversational approach that increases the probability of conversion compared to conventional forms.

Easy Navigation

The chatbot approach offers easy navigation to the client, promoting seamless communication with the responder.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Chat support is an essential part of customer service today. Providing customized responses in real-time increases the customer's satisfaction, which leads to brand loyalty.

Better Data Accuracy

Chatbots reduce errors like misspelled data since the tool prompts automatic word suggestions and deduplicates entries.

There are several online form creator tools to consider when building forms.

1. Typeform

Typeform is a popular online form builder known for its interactive and engaging forms. The platform has an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface and customizable templates for creating surveys, quizzes, and polls.

2. JotForm

JotForm offers a wide selection of templates and integration options, with secure SSL encryption for sensitive data. The platform also offers unlimited forms, submissions, and storage.

3. Google Forms

Google forms provide a free and straightforward formbuilder that syncs with Google Sheets for reporting.

4. Wufoo

Wufoo is a formbuilder that gives users access to an abundance of templates and branding options. It also offers several integrations into third-party apps such as Salesforce.

5. ChatForm

ChatForm is a form builder that takes a unique approach to creating forms by asking questions directly as a chat. This conversational interface is designed to make it easier and more engaging for users to complete forms, and it can be particularly effective for gathering feedback and opinions. ChatForm also offers customization options, integration with other tools, and real-time response capture, making it a compelling option for businesses and individuals looking for a fresh take on form creation.


1. What is an online form creator?

An online form creator is a software tool that enables non-technical users to create digital forms without coding. The forms can be customized, published, and embedded on a website to collect data efficiently.

2. How do I create an online form?

To create an online form, you need to select an online form creator tool, choose a template, customize it, configure settings, and publish the form on your website or social media.

Some popular online form creator tools include ChatForm, Typeform, JotForm, Google Forms, and Wufoo.

4. Can I integrate online forms with my website or CRM?

Yes, many online form builder tools provide integration options with websites and CRMs to streamline the data collection process.

5. Are online forms secure?

Yes, online forms can be secure. Many form builder tools provide built-in security features such as SSL encryption, CAPTCHA protection, and anti-spam measures.

In conclusion, online form creation is a vital process for businesses to collect data quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively. Whether using a traditional or chat-form, selecting the right form builder tool is essential for success. In addition, keeping security in mind while deploying online forms is paramount for data protection. With the information provided in this article, users should be able to start creating their custom online forms in no time.

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